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Our Implant Process – Fit For You!

One Size Does Not Fit All

You are unique! Plain and simple, your history and your experiences at the dentist are important to us…and so are your individual needs and wants. We take the time to get to know you and your teeth, and prescribe individualized solutions just for you. It comes with being a part of our family and feeling at home.

Don't Worry About Your Teeth

Do you feel uncomfortable in public, or embarrassed about your smile? Are you tired of decreased chewing function or unstable dentures? Dental implants serve as anchors for teeth that let you enjoy your life, rather than living with the discomfort and inconvenience of missing teeth. The security of enjoyable socializing, comfortable chewing, and a beautiful smile can be yours.

Built to Last

Dental Implants are simply the longest-lasting, most predictable solution for tooth replacement available. Because implants are anchored in your own bone, the teeth attached to them don’t rely on nearby teeth for support, as they would in traditional “bridges” or partial dentures. This means fewer problems and expenses over time. Our proven treatment protocols deliver stable, long term results in a process that is surprisingly comfortable and easy!

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Lots of Options for Your Big Picture

Do one, several, or all of your teeth need replacement? Dental implants can support them all. From single tooth replacement to stabilizing and supporting complete dentures, dental implants are the ideal anchors for stable and attractive teeth. We carefully navigate these options with you and pick the one that fits the lowest risk profile for your situation.

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There's Nothing 'Stock' About Your Teeth

“Custom made” is the standard in our office! 100% of our implant abutments (tooth crown attachments) are custom milled, specific to your unique needs. In keeping with our standards of safety and quality, we use only European and North American Manufacturers for your implant components.

Reduce Your Risk of Future Problems

In our office, you get more than just an implant. It’s very important to us that your implants are done in a way that works with an overall preventative plan for your health. Our unique approach gives you much more than your tooth or teeth back…we give you a solution that keeps your overall dental health risks down.

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Autographed with Excellence!

It simply feels different to walk into an office where excellence is the standard.  We embrace this as our foundation!  It means when you sit in our chair, you can be assured that your team (dentist and staff) have the latest knowledge and training – aiming for perfection with every procedure.


Excellence is the attention to detail, accurate diagnosis and skilled hands of your dentist.  This gives you the comfort of an efficient, informative and custom treatment that you can afford!


Our continued relationship with the world renowned Kois Center in Seattle forms the foundation for our ongoing education and improvement toward dental excellence.


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